The Hedonist-Hippies

We are two, free-spirited, travellers, along with our dog Duke, with a taste for wine, food and music on a never ending quest for the unusual. Whether it be a quirky place to visit, an unusual place to eat or wonderful wine from an alternative winery, we want to share it with like-minded people.

In our previous lives we worked in advertising and the corporate world and one day, on a whim (and because happily we could), we left the city behind and headed for a small village in the Karoo where we’ve now found our place in the sun.



The Roads Less Travelled

From here we take road trips far and wide, travelling off-the-beaten track and seeking out lesser-known destinations that make our hearts happy. In turn we can then recommend these places to other people who want the alternative and unique.

We enjoy the good things in life and don’t want to stay in a faceless, soulless hotel, or eat in a fast-food restaurant. Life’s too short.

We have no rules about places we enjoy – we just want to experience the quirky and the alternative and hopefully pick up like-minded souls on the way.



Join the alternative crowd

It’s a work-in-progress with off-beat and quirky places that we find on our travels being added as we go along. It will be a while until it’s brimming full of ideas, but it has to start somewhere.

And this is it. Our guide to the alternative and off-beat destinations that South Africa has to offer. If you’re excited to discover alternative destinations, let us inspire you to plan trips and to hit the road less travelled!

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