Relaxing in Riebeek

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My old home town – Riebeek Kasteel! A mere hour’s drive from Cape Town will bring you to this vibrant, happening village. I haven’t written about it for a while but after spending a few days there recently with friends, … Continued

The best of 2017

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It’s been a while since I last posted, but the Hedonist Hippies are back on the trail and planning our next journeys to lesser known destinations for the coming year! Apart from our wonderful, extended stay in Sicily last year, … Continued

A feast for the senses

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The food and wine of Sicily were one of the main reasons we were so keen to visit the island. To find new grape varietals, eat local dishes and indulge our senses in the gloriously colourful food markets. And we certainly rose to … Continued

Scicli – Sicily

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I have wanted to visit this island for as long as I can remember and now here I am! Swapping off-the-beaten-track South Africa, for smaller, rural places in Sicily. Only 2 weeks in (out of 4) and it’s been everything I had … Continued

Fancy Franschhoek

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Although there’s no denying the prettiness of Franschhoek, it’s been so overdone that its sleepy charms have long been lost in history. And it’s expensive, very expensive. Of course it caters primarily to tourists, and lots of them, for whom the … Continued

The Fat Fish – George

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I love it when you discover a great restaurant that you weren’t expecting! And happily, this is just what happened on our last visit to George when we found The Fat Fish. The day was sunny and warm so we seated ourselves under an … Continued