Cederberg Wilderness Area

Awesome in the true sense

This is one of those Holy Grail places that is absolutely majestic. The towering sandstone rocks that make up the landscape of the Cederberg are awe-inspiring and beautiful, especially in early morning or late afternoon light.

There are great hiking trails (for all levels) that lead off into the wilderness and often there is no-one else around. The Cederberg area does bake in summer and freeze in winter – I’ve been there when there’s been frost on the ground and it’s not to be recommended, although I suppose camping was a silly idea….

History abounds

sevilla_rockartThe Cederberg boasts many rock art sites although most of them are a well kept secret. However, there are a few trails where the paintings are visible and they are really worth visiting to look at this legacy left behind by the Bushmen.

Accommodation varies from guest farms to self-catering places to camping, depending on your preference. The campsites, are very clean and have electric points –  some being busier than others.     4 x 4 vehicles are not necessary.


Hedonist Hippy recommends

Cederberg Wilderness Area Sanddrif campsite alternative travel
campsite at Sanddrif
To stay:

Sanddrif – lovely campsite and self-catering cottages in a beautifully shady area overshadowed by the Wolfberg. The added bonus is that Cederberg wines are made here and can be bought from the cellar onsite – a prerequisite as a sundowner or else to take home to enjoy.

Mount Ceder – lovely self-catering units that are very comfortable and with good space between each one. There is a restaurant on site if you don’t feel like cooking. Good proximity to Varkkloof rock art trail.

camping at Kromrivier

Kromrivier Cederberg Park – Chalets and campsites on the banks of the Kromrivier – perfect for swimming on those hot summer days. A popular place to stay for climbers as well as for those less adventurous folk who just want to relax beside the river or take a slow horse trek through the countryside. Great restaurant on site with craft beer for sale that is brewed here.

Hiking Trails:

The Wolfberg Arches – this is easily accessed from Sandrif campsite and is a strenuous walk that will take all day. It involves squeezing through fissures that are very narrow and quite a bit of exertion is also required to scramble over large rocks. You need to be fairly fit to do this hike, but once at the arches, it is worth all the effort.

The Maltese Cross

The Maltese Cross – a relatively easy hike of about 2-3 hours also accessed from Sandrif campsite. This hike takes you through wonderful rock formations to the imposing “Maltese Cross” at the end. A fairly popular walk so expect to see other hikers.

Maalgat – an easy 30 minute walk from Sandrif campsite to gloriously, cool rock pools – very busy over weekends and holidays.

Sevilla Rock Art Trail – as the name implies this is all about the ancient art of rock painting. It is an easy trail along a river bed, with fantastic depictions of animals and people along a large part of the walk. Access off the Pakhuis Pass in the northern part of the Cederberg and permits must be obtained from Travellers Rest Farm.

To visit:
restaurant at Kromrivier

Stadsaal caves – a series of interconnected caverns made up of golden smooth and jagged rocks. Graffiti shows that members of the National Party met here, it was rumoured in secret, prior to the upcoming elections in 1948. The caves are haunting and very atmospheric in a beautiful landscape.

Cederberg Wine Cellar – if you’re not staying at Sanddrif and you enjoy wine, then it really is worth a trip to do a bit of tasting and purchasing!

Kromrivier Restaurant – beautiful newly built wood and glass structure that blends seamlessly into the environment. Great home cooked food and on-site brewed craft beer – Nieuwbrew.

Relax and replenish

The Cederberg is a place to replenish your soul and get back to nature in the best sense of the word. It’s difficult not to be touched by the beauty and majesty of the place. To get the most out of your stay it’s worthwhile putting aside a few days to really unwind and enjoy the magnificence of your surroundings.

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