Prince Albert view of town

A Town called Prince Albert

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It’s where I live. As an ex-Londoner it’s not exactly where I expected to end up but I love it.

Travelling and writing about offbeat destinations ( I came across this quirky place years ago.

Off the beaten track

Not really being close to anywhere is probably part of its attraction. Surrounded by the majestic Swartberg mountains it’s burning hot in summer and freezing in winter. I just love the feeling of space and the never-ending views; the way the light changes and how the Karoo is balm to the soul, well certainly to mine.

The village is postcard pretty as one drives down the main road and for a small town it has a lot to offer (

  • decent restaurants
  • world-class movie showroom
  • weavery
  • art galleries
  • mohair goods
  • handmade cheeses
  • wine farms
  • unique shops
  • olives
Slow life

There’s no rush to be your new best friend here but rather a slow fuse, kindling the flame for future friendship. There are all types here – a lot of us alternative, as kindred spirit seeks like minds – but mostly it’s a working village with olive and sheep farming being the main source of labour.

This village is an island of tranquility and for now my home. How truly lucky am I?

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