On The Road Again

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There is nothing quite like the feeling of setting off on that first morning with the car loaded and the open road calling. Knowing that for the next couple of weeks you are free as a bird to travel how … Continued

Wine Tasting in Bot Rivier

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A different destination Let’s go wine tasting in Bot Rivier turned out to be not so straight forward. Who’d have guessed we’d bring home a puppy amongst the wine boxes? We’d arrived at Luddite Wine farm (www.luddite.co.za), without an appointment … Continued

A Town called Prince Albert

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It’s where I live. As an ex-Londoner it’s not exactly where I expected to end up but I love it. Travelling and writing about offbeat destinations (www.hedonisthippy.com) I came across this quirky place years ago. Off the beaten track Not … Continued