Tsitsikamma National Park

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On a beautiful spring day I took a day trip into the Tsitsikamma National Park and fell in love with the South African coastline for the umpteenth time. I can’t believe that this was my first trip here having passed signs … Continued

Cape Columbine – Paternoster

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Glamping by the sea No, it’s not the name of some tiny English village, but is rather a fabulous way to camp that includes no erecting or dismantling of tents close to the Atlantic ocean! This particular campsite (for want of a better word) … Continued

In praise of the olive

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I have great respect for anyone that bottles their own olives! I tried it two years running using the fruit from my orchard but both times failed miserably to produce an edible product! Changing the brine twice a day for a … Continued

Soul Therapy

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I LOVE listening to live music and over the years have been privileged to see some of the greats on stage, so any chance that we have to head off into the hills for a weekend music festival of rock … Continued

Solo Road-Tripping

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Sometimes it’s wonderful to be on your own – just you, your car and the open road. Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling with my partner and we do it very well together, but just occasionally the need to … Continued